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Gaming joypad, mechanical keyboad, gaming headsets, gaming monitors – What is a specific gaming hardware give you ? and what should you go for ?   Action video games are all about reflexes and accuracy. Whether you’re wielding an assault rifle in Fortnite or a battle axe in Witcher 3, the speed at which you […]

5 Significant Games You Have To Play In 2018

SEATTLE — No matter how much time you spend on the show floor, you simply don’t have time to play every single game at a huge convention like PAX West. For every showstopper, there’s a smaller title that may not have gotten the kind of love and attention it deserved. At PAX West 2018, I […]

pubg training mode

PUBG introduces an elaborate training mode that goes beyond a shooting range   PUBG Corporation In most games, “training mode” is a blank canvas without much to see or do — that is, if there’s an educational feature at all. Next month, PUBG will introduce its own training mode that does more than just give you stuff […]

The differences Nvidia’s RTX 2080 shows in Battlefield V Demo

Nvidia’s new RTX 2000 series of GPUs are designed with ray tracing in mind, a rendering technique that enables real-time light reflections and cinematic effects in games. While we’ve seen some technical demonstrations of what is possible with ray tracing in the past, Nvidia’s Battlefield V demo earlier this week really shows some impressive real world examples of how the […]

Monster Hunter World hits the top 10 Steam hottest games with over 220k players at once

Only after about 1 hour to reach the Steam store, Monster Hunter World game monster hunts quickly “storm”. At the time of writing, the game was ranked fourth on the list of the top 10 most played multiplayer titles with more than 229k CCU on Steam. This number only came in behind PUBG, Dota 2, […]


Fortnite for Android was exclusively available for the high-end Samsung smartphones for the first 48 hours of the Galaxy Note9 launch and now, online multi-player game is available for every Android smartphone (only selected smartphones). How to download Fortnite for Android? As the game is not available on Google Play Store, the game has to […]